Tuesday, October 6, 2015

There are no scientific miracles in the Qur'an - OFFICIAL!

Here...finally...the great Hamza Tzortzis (of the portentously titled Islamic Education and Research Academy) admits that it's all been utter bullshit from the start.
What a shame that so many gullible, vulnerable young people have converted to Islam after being convinced by this crap.

Now here's the question. Is Hamza going to apologise? Don't wait up....


  1. He's a pretty good scientific miracles debunker now, lol!

    For those wondering how this came about - it all started when the Iera circus rolled up at an atheist convention in Ireland:

    ...which humiliation led to the university of Hamza publishing a lengthy and preposterous "scientific-linguistic analysis" paper on embryology in the quran, since permanently withdrawn due to the response below (the paper withdrawn, not the quran, though one can only dream...).

    This atheist response obliterated it:

    which led to this climb down article

    and a secretly recorded iera webinar where they worry about the atheist response and even the blog you are reading right now

    So basically they've realised the whole thing is counter productive to their ends in the face of increasing skepticism and the age of the internet, as well as being utterly untenable.

    If only Zakir Naik and co would have the same rude awakening!

  2. This is a major defeat for the Dawagandalists. The credit goes to folks like Captain Disguise, Stop Spamming, Klingschor, Rationalizer, and many others who stood up against lies, deceit, and religious propaganda.
    Thank you Rational Isalm? for your contribution in derailing this absurd Dawa movement that is a menace to every free thinking individual out there....
    Keep up the good work!!!